From the Desk of Teacher-in-Charge

Dear Students, It is said that higher education institutions are considered to be a lighthouse of society. It transforms the society, and imparts values that foster social cohesion and national identity. A well-educated population, equipped with the relevant knowledge, attitudes and skills is essential for economic and social development in this century. Needless to mention that education plays a pivotal role for creating equality and extinguishing barriers and discrimination on the basis of race, gender and economic status.

Our mission is to transform students rational thinkers, good educators,

competent workers and law-abiding citizens. You know that your teachers are the guardians of yours. They are deemed to be nation-builders. Our college has a reservoir of a kind, caring and highly qualified staff. I have a firm belief in them that they can materialize our mission.

Our college was established in October, 1986 and was affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Thereafter, our college got affiliation from the University of Kalyani. Since the establishment of our college, it possesses a healthy, harmonious ambience and rich values that will help in molding the future of innumerable students.

My advice to the students is: (a) Be regular in your classes (b) Be attentive in your classes (c) Respect your teachers (d) Behave gently with all (e) Try to act as a whistle-blower that will help me know about SWOT of our college and (f) Make friendships with each other keeping aside your caste, creed, and religion. Your concerted efforts with the able guidance of your revered teachers will definitely provide you a blissful and successful life.

I am proud that I have got the opportunity to work with our colleagues. They are co-operative, dedicated, disciplined and committed while performing their assigned works. In my opinion, if any college has disciplined students, committed and dedicated staff and working atmosphere, none can stop its growth and development.

With blessings and warm wishes,
Dr. Swapan Kumar Roy Teacher-in-Charge Bethuadahari College, Nadia

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