1. Students must be regular and punctual in their classes.
2. Students will not use foul/offensive language.
3. They will respect all the Teaching, Non-teaching and Casual Office Staff.
4. Students must have a minimum attendance of 75% during the academic year for sitting examinations.
5. Students will not loiter in the college corridor.
6. Students will not deface or damage college property. Any damage to college property should be reported to the Head of the Institution immediately.
7. Bullying, aggression or violence in any form is gross misconduct for which the college will take strict disciplinary action if required.
8. Strict action will be taken against the students who are found using illicit or narcotic substance and behaving inappropriately on the premises.
9. Do not discriminate amongst you on the grounds of ability, race, color or creed.
10. Treat your classmates with courtesy at all times.