1. Each and every teacher shall discharge his assigned duties efficiently and diligently in order to cope with the changing academic scenario and changes in curriculum from time to time.
2. Every teacher shall update his/her knowledge and skills to enhance his/her domain of knowledge.
3. Every teacher shall conduct himself/herself with absolute dignity and decorum in his/her dealing with all staff and students.
4. All teachers must be committed, dedicated and loyal to their institution.
5. All teachers must be disciplined and punctual in performing their duties and responsibilities.
6. Be regular and punctual and they should report for duty at least 15 minutes before the class starts.
7. Open confrontation of whatever nature must be avoided.
8. Respect the functional superiority of those set in authority over you.
9. Do not do anything which will bring your profession to disrepute.
10. Be impartial in your decision with members of staff.
11. Treat your colleagues with courtesy at all times.
12. Do not discriminate the students on the grounds of ability, race, color or creed.
13. Prior approval in writing should be obtained before proceeding on leave. In case of illness or emergency, inform the Head of the Institution without undue delay.
14. Teachers must complete the syllabus within the stipulated time.
15. Cliques and fractions among the members of the staff will not be tolerated.
16. Keep all your records accurate and up to date.
17. No teacher shall accept any honorary or other assignment given to him/her by any external agency without the prior permission of the College Authority.
18. No teacher shall act in any manner that violates the norms of decency or morality in his/her conduct or behavior inside and outside the College Campus.