Alumni Association of Bethuadahari College

The College is eager to establish an Alumni Association of the College. With this eagerness the teachers of the College met with the alumnus in its first meeting. In that meeting, a consensus was made. All the members present opined in favour of establishment of an Alumni Association. The proposed name of the association was settled as “Bethuadahari College Alumni Association”. They have unanimously selected the Executive Body of the association. The constitution was as follows: 1. Sri Biswajit Khan, President
2. Sri Subha Ranjan Bepari, Secretary
3. Priyanka Biswas, Jt. Secretary
4. Abdur Rahaman, Jt. Secretary
5. Momin Sk. Treasurer.

The above constitution was supported by all 32 members present. The date of meeting was 16-03-2019. Time: 3-30 P.M. Venue: Madan Mohan Tarkalankar Sabhagriha.

The Association assured that they will register their association under the Societies Act within a few months. However, no such information is there.